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In the year 2014, two companies embarked on a transformative collaboration. Aegis Interactive, armed with programming prowess but lacking artistic flair, joined forces with Orb Interactive, a studio brimming with visionary artists but in need of technical expertise. Together, they birthed Gods of Olympus, a mobile sensation that defied expectations and revolutionized a saturated genre.

The partnership thrived, and determined not to lose their creative spark, the two entities merged into a unified force, returning to their roots in PC and console gaming. Led by a luminary founder with a storied legacy, which included acclaimed titles like Axis and Allies, the Kohan series, F.E.A.R. Extraction Point, Section 8, and the Apple-featured Gods of Olympus, the company—now known as Orb Interactive—shone as a radiant star in the gaming firmament.

Guided by a shared vision and fueled by boundless innovation, Orb Interactive crafted immersive worlds that captivated players. Their legacy resonated with brilliance, as they deftly blended artistry and technical mastery to create extraordinary experiences that transcended the boundaries of imagination.


A young scientist discovers time travel, only to learn that her breakthrough comes at a terrible price. Now aware that her invention is driving humanity towards destruction, she must use her time manipulation technology to destroy what she has built.

Set in a world on the brink of disaster, The Chronos Event is a fast-paced third-person shooter that departs from conventional third-person mechanics such as cover systems and iron sights.  The game instead emphasizes fast, aggressive play and the tactics of in-game time travel. Players rewind time, battling alongside their younger selves against overwhelming opposition.

Coming soon to PC and Consoles.


A monster is on the loose! Rush to collect gold and weapons and take the fight to the monster!

But beware, fall victim to a monster and become a monster yourself!

Pick up a  wide variety of weapons from crossbows to rocket launchers!
Find and use magical potions to give you an edge!
Choose from an assortment of scary monsters!
Can you survive FRIGHT NIGHT???


Gods of Olympus is now available worldwide in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Google Play, and on the Amazon App Store.
Featured as a Best New Game and Best New Update by Apple – Currently 4.5+ stars out of 5 rating!

Command the gods of Olympus as they battle through ancient Greece against fortified cities and hundreds of combat units. Control every second of the action as the gods rampage through the cities of your enemies. Build a mighty empire worthy of the gods.

Full Combat Control
Take full control of the legendary Greek gods in real-time combat. Master an innovative combat system that puts you in command of towering gods as they tear through enemy defenses. Employ strategy and brutality as you unleash the devastating powers of Zeus, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Artemis.

Real-Time Cooperative Play
Rush into battle to aid your allies and fight alongside them in live cooperative play! Help them defend their city from attacks or join them in laying waste to your enemies.

No Build Times
All buildings and upgrades are completed instantly — never wait for a build timer! Instantly buy and sell buildings, reinventing your city at any time. Explore a huge variety of city layouts and defensive strategies.

Unique Reward System
Never lose your hard-earned wealth! The gods reward both skillful attacks as well as clever, effective defenses. Claim your fortune in the battlefield, thanks to a game economy that rewards action, boldness, and combat.

Gods of Olympus was our first joint collaboration. The game boasts a beautiful stylish art quality and some unique engineering achievements in the mobile space. With over 5 million downloads and over 250,000 4.7 star reviews, Gods of Olympus  has been a well received success story for a small team of developers.

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